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I’m pleased to say that I have been selected to be on the new Crafts Council directory. It’s a useful resource to help to find all sorts of artists and makers who work in all sorts of mediums and really worth a browse. New makers are joining all the time so its good to come back from time to time. I’m going to be updating and adding to my profile there so its not just a static thing. I’m very pleased that my work is there alongside that of artists whose work I really like.

Click on the image to go to the directory.

Crafts Council page

Another place that is worth a good browse especially if you are interested in paper as a medium is the IAPMA website.

The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA) is the world leading organisation for paper artists. It was founded in 1986 in Düren, Germany, when paper as an art medium was far less well-known than it is today. While paper history and production are one facet of the Association’s activities, the central focus is paper role as art form and as a contemporary artistic medium.


Click on the IAPMA logo to go to the directory. Although the link takes you to my page it is easy to navigate from there to the pages of all the other members.

A last link is to my Instagram page. I have found Instagram such an interesting way of seeing the work of other artists, craftspeople and visually minded people. Often you can get insight into the working processes of people in a way that you can’t through more formal websites or newsletters. My favourites at the moment are people and galleries getting ready for Crafts Week or Collect. My Instagram page is here:

Featured in Blumcollection

Some of my work is featured on the Blumcollection design website. The pieces are hand-made paper book-forms made to catch the light and to cast shadows. I’m very pleased to see my work on this lovely interiors website among some beautiful design and art objects.

More about Blumcollection:

Blumcollection is a web magazine of art, craft and design items. Simple in form, especially colours and beautiful materials. A look-book for professionals and everyone who loves beauty. Odette Blum, owner and founder of Blumcollection is an interior designer. She uses her selected items in her online advice to create unique interiors.

Blumcollection home page

Blumcollection home page

Blumcollection Jane Ponsford

Blumcollection Jane Ponsford

The Blumcollection website:

Art raffle fundraiser

A postcard-sized piece of my work is in a fundraising exhibition for a very worthwhile cause.

'Seep' 2015, handmade paper, Indian ink, embossing. Jane Ponsford

‘Seep’ 2015, handmade paper, Indian ink, embossing. Jane Ponsford

‘Art Raffle’ fundraiser Sunday 15th March 12-5pm at White Conduit Projects White Conduit Street, Islington, London, N1 9EL An ‘art raffle’ featuring postcard-sized artworks from both CSM and CCW Students and established artists. Raffle tickets are £5 and proceeds go towards the Art Action UK Residency Programme. Those who Go East commemorates the 2011 tsunami and nuclear meltdown in East Japan. In the four years following the disaster, many artists have ‘gone East’ into the irradiated zones to work with local communities and create artworks documenting the complex political environment in Tohoku. These artworks reflect and amplify the voices of those who question the status quo in both micro-political and global con

Those who go east

Those who go east

Those Who Go East aims to generate discourses that explore the social impact of our dependence on nuclear energy – not just in Japan, but worldwide. It prompts us to consider the global significance of the Fukushima meltdown, and to discuss ways in which visual cultures can influence the way in which we collectively make social and political decisions.     Artists and speakers include: Haruka Komori and Natsumi Seo Chris Wainwright The Otolith Group Kaori Homma Kaya Hanasaki For more information please visit: Art Action UK:

Papermaking workshop at West Dean

Creative papermaking with colour and thread

Sunday 15 February – Thursday 19 February 2015

Explore the creative possibilities of papermaking using cotton and linen pulps. Incorporate colour and structure using thread and dyed pulps. In this enjoyable and hands-on short course you will develop your skills and used traditional western style papermaking techniques to make beautiful and unique artworks inspired by textiles.

In this course as part of a themed week on cloth and thread we will investigate the creative possibilities of papermaking using fabric and textiles as our starting point in terms of raw material, structure and colour as well as inspiration. After an initial practical session running through traditional western papermaking we will experiment with making and using cotton and linen pulps to form sheets before moving on to incorporating thread and joining, layering and collaging paper and thinking about how this alters the structure of the paper. Referring back to the structure of cloth and thread we will investigate working with dyed pulps to overlay colour and designs. We will also think about how drying and pressing the paper can alter it, which can be used in a creative way to enhance the structure and shape of the paper. Paper does not always need to be flat!

The course will be taught by means of demonstrations and practical work as well as individual attention to support your project. There will be information and handouts to allow you to take these skills further independently after the course. We will be making paper traditionally using a Hollander beater and professional equipment but will also explore more easily accessible and more experimental techniques.

At the end of the course you will have made a selection of beautiful handmade paper and unique artworks. You will have experimented with making and dying pulps and casting (couching) sheets of paper using a range of techniques including laminating, embossing, pressing, building in insertions and you will have gained and built upon skills to take further in your own work. This course is in our week of courses linked by a theme of Cloth and Thread. Each explores this versatile material in two and three dimensions and various scales. The week includes a short cross-over session when you work with a different tutor, and illustrated talks by other tutors in the series of courses.

More information here:

Booking here:

Review of Selected 2014 on Helen Terry’s blog

I came across a lovely blog post about the exhibitions which are part of this year’s Stroud International Textiles events.

‘I drove 150 miles to Gloucestershire in the rain on Friday to see what I could of the SITSelect exhibitions. My sat nav guided me up the steepest, narrowest lane with heart-stoppingly beautiful views (when I dared to look) to Newark Park. I read the advice to not use your sat nav only after that little adventure, once I…..’

See the rest of Helen Terry’s post here on her beautiful blog.

Painswick papermaking workshop

On the 10 and 11 May I ran some workshops in Painswick as part of the Stroud International Textiles events. There were two events scheduled at the Painswick Centre, my papermaking workshop and a one day workshop with Sian Martin. The studio for the first day’s event was a little overcrowded but on the second day we moved to a bigger room and had a brilliant time. I always enjoy meeting the people who sign up to my papermaking workshops. Often they have an interest in textiles and related fibre / art things so there is a great deal of common ground. Quite often I feel that we are exchanging information; it isn’t just a one way street. Many of the participants were using the workshop to think over things that would feed into their other art work rather than just using the papermaking as a stand alone project. Anyway, if any of you are reading this, it was lovely to meet you and I found your ability to pick up and run with a new technique really encouraging.

Paper drying during the workshop

Paper drying during the workshop

Painswick itself is a beautiful town with the most extraordinary churchyard filled with yew trees carved into looming shapes. I was asked if I know the story of the yews. Apparently there are 99 of them and whenever anyone tries to even the number up by planting another to make a round 100, one of the older trees dies. I didn’t count them to check up on the facts but it is definitely the kind of place that grows stories as well as trees.


Some small pieces of handmade cotton rag paper after drying

Some small pieces of handmade cotton rag paper after drying

Venue: The Painswick Centre, Bisley Street, Painswick, Stroud GL6 6QQ


Selected at Newark Park

Newark Park is a lovely, quirky house set high above and overlooking a valley. Work for the exhibition is infiltrated into the indoor and outdoor spaces in such a way that sometimes it is difficult to work out if it is part of the exhibition or is always here. The last owners of the house collected all sorts of objects and the work in ‘Selected’ often sets up a dialogue with them.

Newark ParkA landscape in ten parts’ is placed up on the top floor in a long gallery overlooking the spectacular views over the surrounding countryside. It’s interesting for me to see the work in situ and compare it to how it looks set in a neutral background. This is part of the process that I really enjoy; the beginning of the conversation that objects have with their surroundings.

A landscape in ten parts - Jane Ponsford

A landscape in ten parts – Jane Ponsford

A landscape in ten parts, detail - Jane Ponsford

A landscape in ten parts, detail – Jane Ponsford

The artists and makers showing as part of this exhibition show a real range of different approaches to making work in relation to Newark Park. I’ll show some of their work in another post but looking at photos is no substitute for visiting in person.

Website for Newark Park, National Trust :