Home Ground

Home Ground, 2012-2014  was a research project looking at collections and bundles. The aim was to apply the same methodology to working with quotidian and everyday materials as I usually applied to working in the landscape. Materials investigated in this way included dust, ink, graphite, ashes and recycled fibres and paper. The work was exhibited initially during the open studios exhibition at ASC and subsequently in the Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition at ZeitgeistArtsProjects, London.

One of the pieces was also part of a collaborative project with SHARE collective based at Fabrica, Brighton and was featured in a publication, Thread in 2014.

Above left, Home Ground, 2012, handmade paper coloured with dust.

Left centre, Matter, 2012, 150mm x 150mm x 60mm. This piece is one of a series of related works looking at the materials of particular places. Matter is made from handmade linen and cotton paper stained with inks and pigments.

Centre right, Bundle, 2012, Made as part of a responsive project with a peer group based at Fabrica in Brighton