A landscape in ten parts

A landscape in ten parts, 2014 Installation of handmade paper in 10 glass vessels of varying sizes.

A landscape in ten parts, first shown at Newark Park, a National Trust property in Gloucestershire, as part of Selected 2014, is based on material from research trips and walks in different parts of England over the last few years. It is a celebration of the receptive nature of paper in collecting traces and impressions and makes use of pigments found in the landscape, chalk, clay, coal and natural dyes. The form of the work reflects the repetitive processes involved in collecting. Walking has become an essential part of my practice and I hope the work shows something of the meditative and calm nature of the experience of walking, collecting and serendipitous discovery that inspired it.

The pigments and materials that have fed into this work have come from places as far-flung as the Medway and Kings Wood in Kent and Teesdale in County Durham.