Translations, 2008 was a project based at the Lightbox in Woking, Surrey. During a ten week period Jane Ponsford worked with a group of young people, the Junior Art School to make their own and collaborative work investigating process, transformation and change through exploring the recycling of cotton fibres, discarded books and scrap paper into new paper. Participants made their own books to take home and also contributed sheets of handmade paper towards the project as a whole. At the end of the period there was an exhibition of solo and collaborative work at the Lightbox and also an installation as part of a group exhibition at Guildford House Gallery.

This was part of Recycled by Design, an initiative by Surrey Arts. It involved artists working with 5 communities in Surrey with the aim of raising the profile of reduce, reuse, recycle through creative means. The selected artists were Jane Ponsford working with Junior Art School at The Lightbox, Nick Sayer and graduate Tim Gentry working with County School in Guildford, Mary Branson working with Lockwood Day Centre in Guildford, Lucy Fergus, recent graduate working with Howard of Effingham school and Cas Holmes working with Woking College. The project included an exhibition Guildford House Gallery and a programme of temporary installations and exhibitions at The Lightbox in Woking, Surrey.

Above left, Translations, 2008 Jane Ponsford: 200mm x 500mm x 500mm, a bookwook made by binding together handmade sheets of paper and found pages from paperback books.

Above right, The Lie of the Land, 2008 Jane Ponsford : 230mm x 300mm x 1500mm, wooden box, cast lengths of handmade paper grouped together to form a landscape inspired by contours on a map. Made with The Junior Art School at The Lightbox Gallery, Woking as part of the ‘Recycled By Design’ project.

Bottom, Drift, 2008 Jane Ponsford: 300mm x 2400mm x 800mm, forms a horizontal tabletop ‘landscape’ made up from hundreds of handmade paper elements cast onto rusty wires. The work was made for a solo exhibition at the Lightbox Gallery.