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Websites and some links

I’m pleased to say that I have been selected to be on the new Crafts Council directory. It’s a useful resource to help to find all sorts of artists and makers who work in all sorts of mediums and really worth a browse. New makers are joining all the time so its good to come back from time to time. I’m going to be updating and adding to my profile there so its not just a static thing. I’m very pleased that my work is there alongside that of artists whose work I really like.

Click on the image to go to the directory.

Crafts Council page

Another place that is worth a good browse especially if you are interested in paper as a medium is the IAPMA website.

The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA) is the world leading organisation for paper artists. It was founded in 1986 in Düren, Germany, when paper as an art medium was far less well-known than it is today. While paper history and production are one facet of the Association’s activities, the central focus is paper role as art form and as a contemporary artistic medium.


Click on the IAPMA logo to go to the directory. Although the link takes you to my page it is easy to navigate from there to the pages of all the other members.

A last link is to my Instagram page. I have found Instagram such an interesting way of seeing the work of other artists, craftspeople and visually minded people. Often you can get insight into the working processes of people in a way that you can’t through more formal websites or newsletters. My favourites at the moment are people and galleries getting ready for Crafts Week or Collect. My Instagram page is here:


Featured in Blumcollection

Some of my work is featured on the Blumcollection design website. The pieces are hand-made paper book-forms made to catch the light and to cast shadows. I’m very pleased to see my work on this lovely interiors website among some beautiful design and art objects.

More about Blumcollection:

Blumcollection is a web magazine of art, craft and design items. Simple in form, especially colours and beautiful materials. A look-book for professionals and everyone who loves beauty. Odette Blum, owner and founder of Blumcollection is an interior designer. She uses her selected items in her online advice to create unique interiors.

Blumcollection home page

Blumcollection home page

Blumcollection Jane Ponsford

Blumcollection Jane Ponsford

The Blumcollection website: http://www.blumcollection.com/home

‘A landscape in ten parts’

I wrote in an earlier post about my interest in collecting pigments, stains and impressions from the landscape and the materials of particular places. These traces and the process of collecting them shape the form of pieces of work as well as providing the colours that I use.

When I’m collecting materials towards some work I frequently come back with pockets full of bags of clay or sand or chalk. These samples end up in jars with strips of paper tests to show the colours derived from them. This collecting and classifying urge shows itself in the work that I  make which often takes the form of accumulations of cast paper shapes.  Process and material are different ends of the same thing in my work. I find it extraordinarily difficult to think about or plan new work without material in my hands but I also need a process or framework of approach to be able to make. Working in relation to the landscape gives me both matter and method.

For the work that is going to be shown at Newark Park I was very interested to be able to respond both to the surrounding outdoor landscape but also to the indoor ‘landscape’ of the house where objects placed in relation to each other form a connection.

The photo was taken in my studio while I was finishing things off last week. I don’t want to show whole pieces of work yet before they have arrived at Newark Park but I am pleased to see the way that individual parts work, overlapped with others.

'Selected' detail 2 jponsford


Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition

19-20 July 1-5pm, Preview Thursday 18 July 6-8.30pm
Artists and curators in dialogue, Saturday 20 July 4-5pm

Exhibiting Members: Cos Ahmet, Jane Archer, Phil Baird, Ros Barker, Sharon Beavan, Molly Behagg, Axel Bottenberg, Miranda Boulton, Sasha Bowles, Jo Brown, Deborah Burnstone, Sandy Campbell, Isabela Castelan, Andrea Coltman, Stephanie Conway, Emma Cousin, Amelia Critchlow, Julia Miranda, Julia Davenne, Rosalind Davis, Suzanne de Emmony, Etienne de Villiers, Ruth Dent, James Devlin, Elizabeth Dismorr, Sarah Drake, David Edmond, Alex Evans, Simon Fell, Sarah Filmer, Roisin Fogarty, Tina Francis, Bettina Fung, Hannah Futers, Cathy Gale, Pippa Gatty, Melissa Gibbs, Julia Hamilton, Kirsty Harris, Hayley Harrison, Genevieve Hatton-Brown, Henry/Bragg, Denise Hickey, Sam Hodge, Jonathan Hood, Lauri Hopkins, W.M. Hudson, Bridget H Jackson, Catherine Jacobs, Pauline Lane, Joanna Layla, Jane Lawson, Fernando Leon-Guiu, Karolina Magnusson Murray, Oskar Marchock, Julia Menzies, Faza Merajdin, Jennie Merrell, Diane Mikula, Marion Mitchell, Laura Moreton-Griffiths, Kate Murdoch, Kate Murray-Browne, John Myers, Radka Myslikova, Michaela Nettell, Olabisi Onisemo, Edward Parsons Brown, Elspeth Penfold, Charley Peters, Irene Polites, Jane Ponsford, Steven Porter, Chantal Powell, Sarah Praill, Máire Quinn, Shelley Rae, Ritva Raitsalo, Victoria Rance, Andre Ritins, Ana Ruepp, Julia Russell, Wendy Saunders, Christabel Scott Anderson, Timothy Shepard, Lindsay Simons, Katie Sims, Hannah Slater, Jayne Anita Smith, Lisa Snook, Donna Snyman, Lucy Soni, Jennifer Talbot, Annabel Tilley, Dina Varpahovsky, Pandora Vaughan, Judith Walker, Binita Wallia, Frances Walsh, Charmaine Watkiss, Ruth Weinberg, Tisna Westerhof, Rachel Wilberforce, Bernice Wilson, Robert Worley, Carol Wyss, Claire Yspol.

‘Tonight I’ve had any cynicism that was setting in about the capital’s art scene, charmed out of me at two thoroughly fantastic exhibitions. The first: organised by a couple of ladies who under the name of @ZeitgeistAP are positively shaping the art world into something
A) more accessible B) more realistic and yet C) invariably vibrant. This is the right kind of innovation and boy is it refreshing. An antidote to the Royal Academy show’ Rachel Guthrie

Short but sweet treasure trove exhibition of works under £150.

Zeitgeist Arts Projects, ASC Studios Entrance 2, Bond House, Goodwood Road, London SE14 6BL


Share and Exchange

Thursday 10 January, 5-8pm


As part of ZAP’s first birthday celebrations, an instant exhibition, open to all artists, where all the artworks will be exchanged randomly at the end of the evening.

Cos Ahmet, Judith Alder, Brian Appleby, Phil Baird, Ros Barker, Miranda Benzies, Kate Bowen, Sasha Bowles, Broughton & Birnie, Shelley Calhoun, Gemma Cossey, Amelia Critchlow, Somaya Critchlow, Graham Crowley, Sally Crowley, Rosalind Davis, Dave Edmond, Bettina Fung, Yolanta Gawlik, Julia Hamilton, Kirsty Harris, Genevieve Hatton-Brown, Julie Henry, Catherine Herbert, Justin Hibbs, Denise Hickey, Sam Hodge, Bill Hudson, Catherine Jacobs, Natasha Khan, Fernando Leon-Guiu, Claire Manning, Karolina Magnusson, Jennie Merrell, Julia Miranda, Diana Mikula, Kate Murdoch, Kate Murray-Browne, Ed Parsons-Brown, Jane Ponsford, Chantal Purcell, Maire Quinn, Christina Reading, Ana Ruepp, Julia Russsell, Wendy Saunders, Ryan Scullion, Lisa Snook, Lucy Soni, Paul Stanley, Dani Tagen, Annabel Tilley, Rachel Wilberforce, Robert Worley, Carol Wyss, April Yasamee, Sophie Zhu

Zeitgeist Arts Projects

WW Gallery Xmas BOGOF

I have a piece of work in the WW Gallery Xmas BOGOF fundraiser 19 – 21 December. Do come along and add your support / solve your Christmas present problems / enjoy the event.

The Xmas BOGOF features an eclectic range of works donated by 100 of the best emerging and established artists on the contemporary art scene. Many of them have won or been selected for major awards such as the Jerwood, Threadneedle, John Moores, Marmite and are in major collections such as Deutsche Bank, Saatchi and the V&A.

The BOGOF is a fundraising event in aid of WW Projects non-profit initiatives, so seize the opportunity to start or build upon your collection while investing in WW and its wide network of artists.

To keep logistical and administrative costs to a minimum, none of the BOGOF works will be viewable online. The sale will begin at 6pm on Wednesday 19th December and close at 4pm on Saturday 22nd December, at WW Gallery, 34/35 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8DX, Farringdon Tube.

For more information please contact Francesca Brooks at francesca.a.brooks@gmail.com.