Two exhibitions, a workshop and a talk in May and June

Crafted Collectables

During May my work can be seen as part of the Crafted Collectables group exhibition at Sarah Myerscough Gallery alongside major works by Wycliffe Stutchbury. 

6 May – 22 May 2021
Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm
Saturday 10am – 4pm

The Old Boathouse
1 White Hart Lane
SW13 0PX London

Nearest train station: Barnes Bridge, 20 min journey from Waterloo

+44 (0) 20 7495 0069

Crafted Collectables, launched in Autumn 2020, presents small-scale works by gallery artists and the wider community of artist-designer-makers. These sculptural objects and wall pieces act as artefacts to be treasured over a lifetime, nurtured through family generations or gifted in an act of friendship. We believe that within the taxonomy of objecthood the crafted art object has a unique skill in transferring emotional content; abundant with conceptual narrative and the maker’s affinity to material, it proposes a focal point upon which memories and ideas can be created, held or restored over time.



While in June the much postponed exhibition for the collaborative exchange project with ceramicist Kim Norton Earthbound: a fascination with what lies beneath our feet
will be shown as part of the Ground Works exhibition series.

Earthbound 2019-20 Kim Norton and Jane Ponsford

17 June – 27 June 2021
Monday – Sunday 10am – 4pm

The Setting
Three Storeys 
Bristol Old Road 
Nailsworth GL6 OJE

Join artist/papermaker Jane Ponsford and ceramicist/curator Kim Norton as they explore the similarities and differences in their approach to working with landscape and place. Both Jane and Kim work with materials collected or foraged from different environments to explore materiality and their site-specific creative responses. 

Jane Ponsford 2020 Earthbound: objects from the second exchange

They were engaged in a collaborative exchange project during 2020, which involved each sending a series of parcels of collected and made objects, photographs and writing to which the other would respond. The only rule was that they work within the A6 paper format.

As part of the exhibition there will also be a paper making workshop with Jane Ponsford and an ‘in-conversation’ event between Kim Norton and Jane Ponsford. Dates, times and booking information to follow.

‘The artist enters a specific state of mind when he is walking, enabling a creative space to appear. There is a reduction in conscious attention, a letting go, and the mind is able to slip into a different gear.’ 

On The Track of Richard Long – Juliet Miller 

More details about the exhibition