Autumn Exhibitions and Press

You can see my work in a few places this Autumn. I am pleased to be showing again with Gallery 57 in Arundel in a beautiful mixed show: Paper which will be running until 22 February. I also have some pieces in Lines Etc with WhiteNoise Projects at One Paved Court until 10 November 2019. I am also happy to say that some of my work will be available from The New Craftsmen. Further updates soon…


2 November – 22 February
Private View 1st November 6 – 8pm

Crafts mag Paper

Works with and on paper, shown with ceramics.

Exhibiting artists: Frances Bloomfield, Susan Kinley, Bridget Johnson, Clare Pelan, Jane Ponsford, Dail Behennah, Jane Perryman, Helen Terry, Rhoda K Baker, Michelle Keegan, Tracey Bush, Diane Griffin and Jane Muende

Gallery 57
57 Tarrant Street
West Sussex

Lines Etc

23 October – 10 November 2019
Private View 24th October 2019

‘What do walking , weaving, observing, singing, storytelling, drawing and writing have in common ? The answer is that they all proceed along lines of one kind or another.’ Lines, A Brief History by Tim Ingold


Fold, 2018, Twisted and knotted handmade paper, stained with ink 

1 Paved Court
The artists in this show all have one thing in common, they draw lines and it only takes a moment to recognise that lines are everywhere. How each artist presents the ‘Line’, offers a variety of interpretations. This exhibition offers an insight into their everyday processes ranging from how they contemplate, make decisions, use their tools and reflect upon their practice. Some engage with the architecture of a particular space within the gallery, whilst for others, the works chosen for the exhibition are autonomous and self-contained.

A WhiteNoise Projects exhibition curated by Hanna ten Doornkaat

Exhibiting artists: Lizzie Brewer, Julie Brixey-Williams, Tom Cartmill, Hanna ten Doornkaat, Buffy Kimm, Rachel Pearcey, Jane Ponsford, Richard Tomlin

The Lissome


I was pleased that our recent exhibition in Cambridge, The Everyday Has a Certain Strangeness, was the subject of a lovely article in The Lissome, an independent magazine based in Berlin with a mindful, sustainable ethos.


Words by Reeme Idris and photography by Genevieve Lutkin